Ages 16 & Up
Science Fiction


The year is 2117.  After the worst energy crisis ever to hit the planet,  a new world order is established.  Plutocratic Stewards rule the Pacific Territories, and the citizens of the region are forced to adopt a strict Oath of Austerity in order to survive.  Their only escape from a new feudalistic life is in sport; namely the annual Titan games, a series of high-octane jet car races running on the last fossil fuels on earth.

Brayden Coyle is one of a handful left who dream of a brighter future.  She is an idealistic young Demian scholar who has just created a motor that runs on salt water, an invention that would bring Austerity to an end.  But on the night of her dissertation panel, her Steward benefactors try to kill her and take her motor for themselves.  She barely manages to escape with her life.

In the outer districts, she finds sanctuary with an aging Steward patriarch.  Castor Hawkins is a living legend, the creator of the Titan games, and his remote district is host to Envisia, the only public sponsored jet car on the entire circuit.   Once a championship jet, Envisia is now a rusted pile of bolts in disrepair.  With Brayden’s help, Castor is convinced Envisia will reclaim her former glory in the Championship circle, but first he must select a pilot from the public who can handle a hydro-cell jet car against Steward pilots who are vastly more trained and experienced.

For the first time in Envisia’s history, a reckless non-citizen “Digger” is selected to pilot.  Darin Sharpstorm is a daredevil rebel whose made his name on the illegal death tracks of the BMX X-Races.  Guys like him know their place in the world, and racing fancy jet cars isn’t one of them.

But once selected, Darin has no choice but to race.  And to race is to inspire.  Now Darin, Brayden and Castor will challenge the Stewards at their own game, and in doing, expose the biggest secret their fragile society has ever faced.